Characterized by modern styling and innovative details for a wearable and flattering cut, AWAMAIA accentuates a body’s unique lines and curves, creating a smooth, comfortable fit. Offering unique stylish pieces alligned with our sustainability program.


This piece is reversible
UV Protection (UPF 30+)
Smooth Rubber-less Fit
(Extra confort and zero waste)
Sustainable packaging


Every AWAMAIA design and manufacture is made in the USA. Starting with sketches, fabrics, textures and patterns; each collection is developed.

The designs come to life with a team of in house seamstresses who create each piece. We meticulously review and test each of our designs on a variety of body types to ensure the signature AWAMAIA extra-comfortable & very-supportive fit.

The Designer

Graduated in Business & Swimwear/Corsetry Design, Lill H. Navarro founded AWAMAIA back in 2014.

Since then she designs and manufacture the first set of pieces, taking care of every detail and making sure all body types are being considered for each collection. Afterwards she works closely with our seamstresses and addresses personally every client’s request.

Born in Venezuela, she has lived in Barcelona, Spain and Massachusetts, USA; the latter being our actual designing and manufacturing location.


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